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can not write my essay


Sometimes people say to me that they can not find literature that is relevant to their research. They do something that nobody else has researched and written, and therefore there is nothing to read. What, ask, you can do for your literary chapter.

Lack of literature is very rarely a real problem. The real problem is that the researcher with the non-written question-on-my theme question has pulled the border around its topic too tight. They did not think about the types of literatures that may be relevant, even if they are not written exactly at the same question.

Let me give me an example. Suppose a researcher does a project for using whiteboards in scientific lectures. Ok, I do not know why, but let's go with the sake of the argument. It's just a hypothetical. The researcher has searched and searched through the literature and you can only find a paper written on the use of whiteboards in science. Hurray, they say, I found a gap. My research is required. But there is nothing written. That's a problem. What will go in my literary chapter?

Well, no. That's not the case. Of course there is something in pressure. Even if it is not directly on the same topic, it is related. Let us think of some of the other literatures that could be associated and relevant to our pretend request. It is probably exploring the use of whiteboards in others than science. There are some research in the lecture as a form of teaching and learning (I know that this is the case!). And there is certainly material about general teaching and learning in science. All these different literatures therefore have a connection with our imaginary topic.

But wait, there is more. There is a tremendous literature on the use of digital technologies in higher education, some of which particularly address the pedagogical strategies they afford, and do not afford - this is relevant to how whiteboards are used in scientific lectures. And there is material about the experiences of students of lectures and their personal use of digital technologies. And of course, all these related research is framed in a broader scientific conversation about learning and teaching - and our mythical researcher concerned with whiteboards in scientific lectures must certainly establish their work within a general educational concept - so there is more read .

So it's not so that there is no literature for the benefit of researchers on their topic, it is rather that they need to think about what they need and could use. You need to assign the possible areas associated with your question and sort by relevant and recording what is the most relevant and noted. You must then bring these selected literatures together in a way that supports the research they will do.

The answer to the question of literature is always, always, always - what else is still relevant. The resulting strategy is to extend the limits of the search to include relatives and frames scholarship. Take the turn signals and look further ... There is another answer of course. It is one who is always behind the non-written question to lurking. And this answer is a scary, but it is always worthwhile to ask. Nothing in your area? Maybe there is nothing special in the topic, as it is simply not interesting. The topic is too tight and specialized, and studying is not that important. There is a good reason why no one has regarded the use of whiteboards in scientific lectures at every depth depth ... ask why no one is here before is an eerie sentence. But it is one that is very important to take into account if you happen to the question that you do not ask written question.

More about strategies for reviewing literatures - see scoping, mapping (here and here) and focusing (here and here).

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