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How to write a literature test

What is a literary exam?

A literature test is an objective, precise, critical summary of the published research literature relevant to a topic explored in an article.

What the literature exam does not do:

It does not refer and does not list the entire material that you quoted in your paper.

  • presenting material that is not directly relevant to your studies, distracts the reader and frustrate the reader and let the purpose of your studies lose sight of.
  • a review with "a series of scholars has studied the relationship between X and Y, and simply listed, who studied the topic and what everyone closed scholars is not strengthening to improve their work.

a good literature test becomes:

  • present a short typology that ordered items and books in groups to help readers focus on unresolved debates, inconsistencies, tensions and new questions about this research
  • summarize the most relevant and most important aspects of scientific literature together with your research area
  • .
  • Synthetic, what was done in this field of research and by whom previous research to a topic, and identify potential gaps and discrepancies on the field
  • give the reader an understanding of the background of the field and indicate what studies are important - and mark previous studies that contain errors.

Create your literature check bookshelf

One way to understand a literature test is to think about how he would build a bookshelf. You do not have to cut each piece from Porcraatics from Porcratics. Rather, they can take the parts that "cut" the other researchers and put them together to build a framework on which they hang their own "books" to achieve their own study methods, results and conclusions.

What does a good literary examination contain?

The content of a literature test is determined by many factors, including accurate purposes in the document, the consensus rate with a specific theory or tension between competing theories, the length of the article, the amount of the previous studies available in the specified field etc. Here are some of the most important elements that offers a literature.

  • A historical background for your research : Analyze what was written about your research field to highlight what is new and significant in your study - or how the analysis itself contributes to understanding this field, Also in a small way. The provision of historical background also shows other researchers and journal editors their competence in the discussion of theoretical concepts. You should also make sure that you know how to rewrite scientific literary content to avoid plagiarism in your work.
  • Current context in which your research is located : Discuss central (or periphea) questions, problems and debates on the field. Since a field is constantly updated over new works, you can show where your research fits in this context, and explain developments and trends in research.
  • discussion of relevant theories and concepts offering the basis for their research : For example, if you explore the relationship between the ecological environment and the human population in this environment, set models and theories that Focus on certain aspects of this connection to keep your study together. If your study asks a question regarding sustainability, mention a theory or a model that underpins this concept.When it comes to invasive species, choose material that is focused in this direction.
  • Introduction and definition relevant terminology : In the science, the meaning of terms is relatively stable and uncomplicated. However, if you present a term that is dark or context-specific in a study, you should set the meaning of the term in the Implementation Division (if you introduce a study) or in the summaries of the specified literature.
  • describe related research and show how your work expands or calls for this research or is working to fill gaps in the previous work : You can use the literature review as proof of what works, what does not work And what is missing on the field.
  • Providing evidence for a practical problem or a problem that assumes its research shows that its importance has been shown as significant.

Types of literature reviews

Literature Reviews may differ in structure, length and amount and content width. You can range from selective (a very close research area or only one work) to the comprehensive (larger amount or area of ??works). They can also exist as part of a greater work or stand alone.

  • a course assignment is an example of a selective, independent work. It focuses on a small segment of literature on a topic and makes a whole work alone.
  • The literary test in a dissertation or thesis is both comprehensive and helps to suspend a greater work.
  • a majority of the magazine article begins with a selective literature check to provide the research context reported in the manuscript, which is the broader work for which the literature gives a context; The literature test is often included in the introduction.
  • Some literary reviews are both comprehensive and standing as separate work - the entire article analyzes the literature on a specific topic.

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